U.S. & International Travel Photographs – Eye Catching Short Slide Shows

A Highly Select Presentation Of My U.S. & International Travel Photographs

  • I try make these photos as eye catching as possible
  • Never more than 40 photos
  • Automatic Presentations Are Mercifully Short
  • Rarely A Picture Of Me Or My Wife – We Are Not The Topic

    westlake china so much of china is eye catching to westerners
    West Lake is a mandatory photo stop on all trips to China. I assume the boat travels back and forth, for us to photograph.

My vacation photos have precious few, if any pictures of Susan or myself.
I hate looking at hundreds of humdum photos of someone’s trip, 70% of which are duplicates of a previous photo.
These travel shots try to capture the essence of place, which  is NOT multiple pictures of Susan or me, in just a couple of minutes.

  • China 2005
    So vastly different that traveling through Europe or South & Latin America.  The culture is not western and opened our eyes to a whole new perspective of the world. More on my China Blog Post
  • Russia 2007
    One of our employees told us, if we go to Russia, do not take a land trip.  At that time, the country was just set up to handle land tours.  We took a river cruise along the Volga, from Moscow to St. Petersburg, stopping at quaint and not so quaint cities and heritage site along the way.
  • Colorado 2018
    Garden of the Gods, Rocky Mountain National Park & Environs.  The US and State parks and monuments have some of the most stunning and unusual scenery in the world.
  • Iceland 2019
    • The best thing I can say about this, is to quote a fellow traveller.  “Were we on the same trip?  I am not even going to post my photos.  I will use yours.”
    • Simultaneously stark and beautiful.
    • Mountains, fjords, the largest glacier in Europe and a thoroughly unpronounceable language
    • Some movies  and tv shows filmed in Iceland include,Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, James Bond: Die Another Day & A View to Kill, Game of Thrones – seasons 2 – 7 & Vikings – season 5
  • Slovenia, Italy & Austria 2019 – Post